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How long should my furnace last?

Oklahoma City just got hit with it's first real cold snap of the year. For many, that means the familiar smell of the first time firing up the furnace and the thankfulness of having instant access to indoor heating. Technology can be a beautiful thing! It sure beats tending a fire and preparing all of the firewood for the winter months.

If all this talk about furnaces has you wondering how long your furnace will last, you're not alone. According to a recent survey of HVAC system purchasers, nearly 40% of homeowners surveyed said system reliability was their most important consideration when buying an HVAC system. THAT'S A BIG DEAL. Even more important than cost. So, obviously, thinking about how long your furnace is going to last is top of mind for most of us.

The HVAC industry generally puts the factory life cycle on furnaces at around 15 years. HOWEVER, that time frame will vary depending on a bunch of different factors, but the main two that you can control are:

1.) Hire a trustworthy, licensed mechanical contractor that does good work to install your furnace. Someone like Executive Heating and Air (shameless plug!) will ensure that your furnace is installed properly, and will pull all the permits you need, so you aren't left with a disaster that you could have avoided.

2.) Get your furnace (and whole HVAC system) on a regular maintenance plan. All mechanical things require maintenance, so why not give something you depend on all of the love it needs? It pays dividends, seriously. At Executive Heating and Air we can keep your system up and running well beyond factory life cycle expectancies. Trust us, it works!

Just like changing the oil frequently on your car, your HVAC system needs tuning up. We would be happy to provide an Executive level of service to your heating and cooling system. Give us a call at 405-253-2029 today and we will get you scheduled!

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